Haven's Angels

Haven’s Angels, the volunteer and ambassador arm of Safe Haven Foundation, is a dynamic group of caring volunteers who are committed to helping give Calgary’s homeless and at-risk girls their future back.

Haven’s Angels has been established by Safe Haven Foundation as a separate non-profit society that serves as the volunteer and ambassador arm.  The overreaching goal is to recognize key supporters (donors, staff and volunteers) who may also initiate fundraising events on behalf of the Foundation’s programs.  A strong framework is currently being developed for this society to provide opportunities for personal growth and recognition for those who are committed in working towards a common goal of making a high impact difference in supporting Safe Haven Foundation’s mission to Help Give Calgary’s Homeless and At-Risk Girls Their Future Back.

Opportunity for Personal Growth

Safe Haven Foundation believes in providing Haven’s Angels with the opportunity for personal growth, in an environment of mutual respect and caring.

Our values are:

  • Recognition
  • Respect
  • Personal Growth
  • Commitment and Caring
  • Making a high-impact difference