In 2011, Safe Haven Foundation recognized the growing need to remove the barriers that prevent our girls from achieving optimal health and quality of life. In response, Safe Haven Foundation established the Therapeutic Recreation Program. Family histories often restrict the young women in the our homes from the opportunity to pursue recreational activities, and this program provides a pivotal role in their challenging journey of healing. Funding helps us open doors for the development of a personal identity, self-discovery, and confidence. Youth are eligible to apply for funding when they are working towards their educational goals, and are participating in maintaining a positive home environment within the Haven’s Way program.

The program is now being expanded to include extended opportunities to Haven’s Way Alumni.

Young woman sitting outdoors natural setting

“Thanks for everything you have done. Haven’s Way™ is a blessing! I am very thankful for the privilege I have been given to take out my stress on boxing. I enjoy it and I love the fitness aspect of it.” – Haven’s Way™ Graduate