Established in 1996

The Safe Haven Foundation of Canada was born from one couple’s personal mission to develop a program dedicated to keeping homeless, and at-risk teenage girls safe, off the streets, and in school.  An extensive study confirmed the need for a comprehensive program that provided a long-term home and all the necessary supports for girls who would otherwise be calling the streets ‘home.’  

Haven's Way logo colour

In November of 2000, The Safe Haven Foundation opened its door to young women between the ages of 14 and 24.  Our founding program, Haven’s Way™, has been widely recognized as the first of its kind in Canada.  While the concept is simple – to duplicate that of a healthy caring family environment, the execution is as complicated and challenging as any parent can imagine.  Successes came quickly, but not without challenges.  While the philosophies and beliefs on which the program was founded have been put to the test,  to this day they remain intact and as strong as the day we started.

Continued Support and Community Engagement

At Safe Haven Foundation we build families out of strangers, providing homeless and at-risk girls a safe and loving home.  A live-in house parent, peer mentor and a dedicated programming team ensure the young women we serve are surrounded with all the necessary supports so they can work through their traumas and overcome their barriers, complete their education and become self-reliant contributing citizens in our community.   Continued support and community engagement extend far beyond the girls’ time in the Haven’s Way™ Homes providing the support network, the familial sense of belonging and the unconditional love every child deserves.