Karen Sherbut

President & Co-Founder
Safe Haven Foundation of Canada

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A less than ideal childhood and upbringing ultimately prepared Karen Sherbut for the role of her life as a role model, mentor, and humanitarian.  In this capacity she is able to provide what she so desperately had once needed; ultimately improving the lives of many young women, their families, and loved ones.  Karen’s dream of providing for homeless teenage girls came to fruition in 1996, when Karen and her husband founded The Safe Haven Foundation of Canada.  In a volunteer capacity at the helm of the Foundation, Karen’s steadfast commitment to Safe Haven Foundation continues to shape a better and brighter future for all of us.   With over 35 years of senior marketing, management, and leadership experience, Karen has been extensively involved in the development and implementation of programs at both grassroots and national levels.  An engaging and innovative leader, Karen’s focus on results-oriented programs, financial accountability, public relations, and award-winning campaigns have provided an enviable advantage to the Foundation at no cost.    Karen’s passion remains visible and reflective through the time she dedicates not only to Safe Haven Foundation but also to the many boards and advisory roles she has undertaken over the years.  Her story continues to inspire and strike hope.  Such recognitions include:  2002 Global TV Woman of Vision; 2019 Woman of Inspiration; Hillberg and Berk 2019 Women Who Sparkle; CTV’s Inspiring Calgarian; 2020 L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Honouree; and recognition through The Philanthropist as one of Canada’s 150 leaders in the non-profit sector.  She has also served as the Vice President of Britgary Properties for the past 25 years and leads the marketing and public relations strategies for the company.  In recent years, Karen’s expertise has expanded to include operations and strategic planning of some of the Britgary’s newest endeavors.

Paul Kelly

Vice President
President & CEO | Connect First Credit Union

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As the former CEO of Connect First Credit Union (recently retired), one of the largest financial cooperatives in Canada, Paul Kelly brings decades of financial acumen and leadership to Safe Haven Foundation.  Paul initially joined our Board because he believed in the goals of the Foundation and recognized how his business, board and financial experience could help benefit Board decisions, and ultimately the young people that we serve. Early in his career someone advised Paul to volunteer for projects that would take him out of his normal sphere of responsibility, something that he has taken to heart.  “When you get broader experience, you see a wider view, and that can help you grow personally, as well as the organization for which you work”.  Paul describes the work that Safe Haven Foundation does as being “impactful, direct, local with a clear line of sight to help the girls at Haven’s Way and ultimately benefitting our entire local community”.  He is excited about the revitalization, new dynamic strategic plan and the future for the Foundation. In addition to serving on the Safe Haven Foundation Board of Directors, Paul’s community involvement includes board positions with the Epilepsy Association of Calgary and the Canadian Mental Health Association. Paul is currently Chair of the Audit Committee for the Safe Haven Foundation.

John Sherbut

Treasurer & Co-Founder
President | Britgary Properties

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As Co-Founder and Treasurer of Safe Haven Foundation, John Sherbut’s commitment to serving Calgary’s homeless and at-risk teenage girls has been unwavering.   A visionary with an unbridled philanthropic spirit, John’s long-term financial and personal commitments to Safe Haven Foundation are simply and quite profoundly, a way of life for him.  His larger than life commitment and steadfast championship of the cause nearest and dearest to his heart is a cornerstone of Safe Haven Foundation and our impact on the very fabric of society.  John is President and Owner of Britgary Properties Limited, a real estate development company he established in 1982.  Successfully spearheading the development of new shopping centres and the redevelopment of existing retail complexes, John has also led Britgary Properties into diversification into residential properties and start-up companies in recent years.  John is now proudly taking two of his sons under his wings imparting his knowledge and wisdom as they transition the management of the companies to the next generation.   His entrepreneurial spirit, solid business ethics, and sound financial management have seen Britgary Properties continually prosper in an industry that has shown great fluctuation over the past three and a half decades.   These same values and knowledge base serve Safe Haven Foundation so very well.

A.B. (Sandy) Cameron

Secretary & Founding Board Member
Lawyer | Cameron Horne Law Offices

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In early 1996, John and Karen Sherbut approached A.B. Sandy Cameron with the concept of Safe Haven Foundation.   Sandy was hooked and in very short order, Sandy had the documentation in place for the incorporation and subsequent submission to Canada Revenue for the charitable licensing of the first program of its kind in Canada.  Sandy Cameron has always had the belief that “there is an obligation to help those in need, particularly those who are in need through no fault of their own.  Supporting Safe Haven Foundation allows Sandy to act on these very beliefs.”  An astute and highly respected lawyer with over 45 years of legal practice, Sandy provides much guidance and direction in all legal and governance matters for Safe Haven Foundation.  He ran an  active practice in Calgary at Cameron Horne Law Office dealing mainly in Land Related Matters, Condominiums and Small Business matters since 1993.   Semi-retired since 2007, Sandy maintains a small practice for select clients.   His commitment to Safe Haven Foundation remains unwavering.  Sandy’s contributions to society through his profession have been nothing less than profound; serving as a mentor, a volunteer, and an esteemed lecturer.  He has served in senior volunteer capacities on many Boards, with one of his most notable accomplishments being the Founder of the Calgary Home Builders Foundation, a not-for-profit charity constructing affordable housing projects for those in need in the Calgary region.  He has received numerous awards for his visionary and forward-thinking engagements, with the ultimate being the Maple Leaf Award for the greatest contribution by a non-builder member from the Calgary, Alberta Provincial and Canadian Home Builders Associations.  Sandy is also one of the first members of the Alberta Home Builders Hall of Fame.

Mike Barrett

Director at Large
IT Professional | Manitoba eHealth
Independent Distributor | USANA Health Sciences

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Mike has watched the Founders, Karen and John Sherbut, build the Foundation from little more than a dream to where it is today.  He, along with his wife Debbie, participated in a promotional video shoot for Safe Haven over 25 years ago.  The roles they played caused them to look inside themselves and learn much about who they were, their upbringing and where they wanted to go.  Mike states that, “Safe Haven fills a gap in the existing social services.  I believe that we provide a safety net to allow these young ladies to grow and thrive in a safe and secure family environment that they have not had the fortune to experience. A safe and secure environment is something that we should all be able to experience”.  His desire to make a difference and help build a legacy with Safe Haven Foundation motived him to join the Board and knowing that a real difference is being made keeps him engaged.  In addition, after meeting some of the young ladies and seeing and hearing about the difference being made in their lives, he says simply, “I know we are on the right track”.  As a retired IT Professional with Digital Health Manitoba, ex business owner, and Independent Distributor with USANA Health Sciences, Mike brings well-rounded experience and skills to the Foundation along with his unwavering commitment and passion.

Carmen pic-2

Carmen Brouwer

Director at Large

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Carmen learned of the Safe Haven Foundation shortly after moving to Calgary. The stories and experiences of the Alumni and of Co-Founder, Karen Sherbut, drove her to want to be involved in ending youth homelessness in Calgary. She was eager to get involved as an ambassador and on the Fund Development Committee. Growing up in a small farming community in southern Saskatchewan inspired Carmen’s values of working hard, being a leader and helping others. She graduated from the University of Regina in 2008 with a degree in Business Administration. Being involved in her community is important to her and she believes that organizations like the Safe Haven Foundation are vital to building strong communities. Carmen is extremely grateful for the experiences, people, and opportunities that her husband’s career in the NHL presented her.  She was able to launch an annual fundraiser to support a local animal shelter, support a women’s shelter and support many youth sports programs. For the past 2 years, Carmen has brought a group of ladies together to donate Christmas gifts for the residents of Haven’s Way, making sure they feel the love and joy the holidays can bring. Carmen and her husband Troy are always willing to step up and support friends and family with causes close to them. Carmen brings with her a large network of young, like-minded women that believe in supporting organizations like Safe Haven. She believes the program set in place at Haven’s Way is what makes the foundation so successful along with the passion and commitment by the Board of Directors and Safe Haven team, and says that “Safe Haven is giving homeless young women the opportunity to feel safe and learn the skills they need to be self-sufficient, changing the course of their lives and ending homelessness one life at a time”.

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Michael Sherbut

Director at Large
Property Manager | Britgary Properties

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Safe Haven Foundation has always been part of Michael Sherbut’s life.  At the very young age of 3, Michael could be found on site (ready to lend a hand with his Bob the Builder tools) where the Haven’s Way® homes were being built.  He has long talked about one day stepping into the shoes of his parents to carry on this incredible legacy and, in 2015 when Michael turned 18, he took that next step accepting an appointment to the Board of Safe Haven Foundation of Canada. A young entrepreneur, Michael is working to launch retail stores with several leading digital brands, as well as working with his family on a new building development in downtown Okotoks. Over the last few years, Michael has proven to be a leader in his scholastic, athletic and professional endeavors, and continues to bring that leadership to the Board at Safe Haven Foundation. His knowledge of the Foundation through the eyes of the next generation speaks volumes to the impact he will make in the years to come.

Keli Pollock2

Keli Pollock

Director at Large
Creative Director | Daughter Creative & Advertising

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You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes in a room with Keli to know her well of creativity runs deeper than most. She has the computer skills but is also a staunch advocate for stepping away from the screen — pottery, photography, and most recently painting fuel her seemingly endless spring of inspiration. Add to that a formidable work ethic and the kind of personality that rallies a team, and you have a true creative powerhouse. Her resume evidences this fact. It features a who’s-who of clients – WestJet, TELUS, The Calgary Stampede, Shaw, and Bow Valley College, to name a few, alongside the awards and industry accolades to fill many a trophy case. These days she focuses on helping up-and-coming creatives earn their brass. Keli currently leads the creative team at Daughter while doing a tremendous amount to support Calgary’s creative eco-system. During the pandemic, she organized a much-loved outdoor public art show featuring Alberta artists and illustrators.


Flash back to 1999, Safe Haven Foundation was just a vision, and we were introduced to a creative genius who truly got us.  She developed our logo, our brochures and produced award winning campaigns. We were in bus shelters and media outlets throughout the city at no cost to us…Keli Pollock put us on the map.  And she planted the seed as she created an image of a child going from darkness into light, a halo around the girl’s head, and thus was born Haven’s Angels.   Fast forward to July 2017 when our Co-Founder, Karen Sherbut, sat down for a coffee with Keli. She had barely sat down when Keli said, “Karen, you know it is time to update your logo”. And since it was created in the 90’s she was right! Keli created not one but three new logos for Safe Haven Foundation, Haven’s Way and Haven’s Angels, all which was what was needed to propel Safe Haven forward and reenergize our presence and brand in the community. Keli was inducted into the Haven’s Angels Hall of Fame in November 2017 and has been instrumental in providing guidance and creative expertise in many areas since then. Most recently Keli and her team at Daughter Creative have been working tirelessly on Safe Haven Foundation’s 25th Anniversary campaign and are doing this project entirely pro-bono. Once again it is a shining example of Keli’s commitment and generosity, and Safe Haven Foundation is immensely proud to be sharing this campaign with the public. Keli joined our Board of Directors in January 2020 and she is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Lyndon Ward

Director at Large
Consultant | NewAdventure Marketing & Inspira Energia

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One of the organization’s first Board members, Lyndon was attracted to the Safe Haven Foundation due to the Founder’s passion and the fact that the Board was an active team of business professionals applying their skills to the non-profit sector.  An International Marketing and Business Development professional, Lyndon is currently a Consultant with NewAdenture Marketing and Inspira Energia.  Part of his philosophy regarding non-profits is that all charities start off with the best intentions but only a select few have the discipline to endure long-term.  Safe Haven Foundation has struck a balance of fundraising efficiency and financial responsibility while delivering an innovative program.  He states that, “I am fortunate that his role on the Board allows him to learn first-hand of the progression of life stories from the girls in the Haven’s Way program and that the overwhelmingly positive feedback is a constant reminder of the focused and impactful presence Safe Haven has in the community.  We give them a home they just don’t have”.  Lyndon has also played an important role in the success of the Foundation’s major fund-raising events over the years.  He volunteered at all of the Street of Dreams™ Galas which was Safe Haven Foundation’s major fundraising event for many years and Co-Chaired the 2011 Gala which he says was both a privilege and a great responsibility.  He also states that, “The Street of Dreams™ Galas raised significant net proceeds and also raised massive awareness for the portfolio of programs we were supporting at the time.  It was intense and I really enjoyed collaborating with Safe Haven and later on with the Brookfield teams.  I am always humbled when I attend one of our events”.